Diploma in Digital & Social Media Marketing (DDSMM) | 1-year Digital & Social Media Marketing course | IIAS - Siliguri

Course Overview

This program is focused on developing learners to become a Digital Marketing professional by specialising in Online & Digital Marketing processes, Social Media Management, Content Marketing, Digital Advertising & Branding, Marketing Analytics and Public Relations areas.

In the Digital Marketing gamut, each organization is trying to have a precision based laser targeting to create a multiplier effect in the growth strategy. Moreover Digital Marketing (DM) is gradually encompassing the place that was previously predominated by the traditional offline media. With more reachability across the globe using the power of internet and mobile technologies, Digital Marketing is delivering sustainable competitive advantage to an organization in the fiercely competitive market.

The program is aimed at giving advantage to the students to have a complete grip of the subject matter. It helps understanding the DM basics to the application areas to successfully run the campaigns. From the Social Media perspective all the leading platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram are taught so that you are capable to build, run, analyse and optimise the Social Media campaigns effectively. Managing and maintaining all the platforms for Digital and Social Media is important for a steady growth in the lead generation process and branding. The full life cycle of the lead generation, lead nurturing, automation process and conversion are covered in this course. Another important and significant area like Reputation Management and Influencer Marketing is also covered in this course. Content Marketing, Marketing Analytics and Branding is another dimension that helps in improving the strategic and tactical ability of the students.

In a nutshell this Diploma in Digital & Social Media Marketing (DDSMM) course transforms you to become a complete digital marketer. From being a specialist in organic promotion using effective keywords strategy to the paid promotion in the leading search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing - you can have a clarity on all these important digital promotion processes. In the process, you can develop expertise in the areas like:

    • Search Engine Optimization using Google, Yahoo & Bing!
    • Keywords Strategies and Management
    • Social Media Marketing process in FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin
    • Digital & Marketing Analytics
    • Lead Management & Conversion Optimization
    • Content Management & Branding
    • Online Reputation Management
    • Google Analytics & Adwords
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Online Advertising & Branding
    • Email & SMS Marketing
    • Digital Marketing Strategies & many more.

The program covers all the significant areas across the platforms including internet and mobile marketing, and email and sms marketing. During this blended learning course you will also get an exposure to real-world projects, and can attend masterclasses from leading Digital Marketing Experts from the Industry.

Course Information

This 1 year diploma programme in Digital and Social Media Marketing at IIAS is developed by the leading industry experts with decades of experience. The course is completely oriented to give advantage to the students by developing them with the modern industry relevant employability skills. The course has additional certificates offered by Indusnet TechShu & Digital Marketing University to give an employability advantage to the students. The practical insights and experiences shared by the eminent faculties and industry experts along with the relevant case studies ensure the real-time learning. This professional course with formal recognition in this diverse and fast moving Digital Marketing and Social Media Management helps students to be job-ready. So for serious students planning to make a mark of difference in Internet Marketing/ Digital Marketing & Social Media as the modern Marketing tool this course is an ideal starting point for you. This course has been systematically designed to ensure that students with no previous knowledge and background in the Digital Marketing area can easily adapt to it. Across the Industry there is a huge demand for Digital Marketing professionals and at IIAS, we are committed to ensure that our students join the best of brands across the industry to make a mark of difference.

AFFILIATING UNIVERSITY: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal

ELIGIBILITY : Class 10+2 pass

DURATION : 1 Year (incl. Internship of 2-3 months)

AWARD : On successful completion of the programme and the internship, students will be awarded a Diploma in Digital & Social Media Marketing from the IIAS Professional Academy & from MAKAUT (an UGC Recognised State University) along with additional Certificates from Indusnet TechShu - Digital Marketing University.

Preparation for the Industry:
  • Emphasis on practical application of theoretical lessons through case studies, business scenario analysis, workshops, projects and internship
  • Students will get additional Certificates by completing the programme from Indusnet Techshu & Digital Marketing University.
  • Leading Industry experts will be delivering the Lectures. Additional sessions from the industry professionals are regularly organized for the benefit of the students
  • The digital marketing and social media management concepts for modern industry, along with the practical sessions covering real-time scenarios, case studies, research, projects, assignments, workshops will ensure an advanced blended learning for the students
  • The coursework, computer lab sessions, group studies & library work will help students to do better analysis and research to clear their understanding on the subject matters
  • Practical uses of the concepts are discussed thoroughly to help the students understand and relate the theories with the modern practices of Digital Marketing & Social Media management across the industries
  • In the process, additional Communication skills, Soft skills, Computer skills and other Job-ready skills like from preparing a right CV to interview tips are discussed thoroughly to ensure employability while making the students completely ready for the industry

Study Plan

Trimester 1

  • Basics of Marketing & Internet Marketing
  • Digital Marketing concepts
  • Social Media Optimization & Marketing
  • Content & Reputation Management
  • Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Trimester 2

  • Google Analytics & Adwords
  • Lead Management & Conversion optimization


  • Internship - 12 Weeks



    Digital Marketing is the buzzword that has taken over the traditional way of marketing. This primarily includes the set of actions carried out by the marketer using any electronic media to promote goods and services. Being an internet-based activity, it provides a very high return at a low cost, helps to develop and build a brand image at a much faster pace. This has caused a quick adoption of the Digital Marketing strategies across the industry.

    So, be it branding, marketing or advertising - Digital Marketing is helping every business operations to effectively optimise the business performance. Moreover, the Social Media with itโ€™s wide acceptance and quick reachability is making the brand viral at no time. All these have raised the standards of online marketing to a great extent, enabling the organization to be more modern and competitive at the same time.


    With precision based laser targeting, the organizations are creating a multiplier effect in growth strategy. Digital Marketing has now the capacity to tremendously improve sales results in this digital age. Engagements are strengthened with the advent of Social media platforms that usually possess smart algorithms. It captures, studies and collates user preferences and accordingly displays the preferences in the user dashboard. Likewise, some specific ad campaigns can run and shown only to users with a specific inkling. It doesnโ€™t have a narrow scope rather than a growing scope for the sustainable development of the organization.


    The key differentiator of this DDSMM Program at IIAS are as follows:

    • It covers the most relevant subjects in Digital Marketing
    • The course is affiliated to MAKAUT (an UGC Recognised State University)
    • Industry Experts & Domain Experts are mentoring the course
    • Flexible Classes held in the blended learning mode
    • You get 3 Certificates on completion of the course - from MAKAUT, from IIAS Professional Academy & from Indusnet Techshu - Digital Marketing Group
    • Itโ€™s a 360-Degree course aligned with the Industry best practice Special Sessions/ Classes taken by Industry Experts from the leading Corporates
    • There are several courses available in the similar domain. However many of them are not approved by a State Level UGC Recognised University. Moreover

    The course is recognised as you will get a certificate from the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT), West Bengal, a State University that is recognised by UGC. Moreover, you will get a certificate from IIAS Professional Academy & additional certificates from the Indusnet Techshu Digital Group. All these together will create a great launchpad for your career.


    There are several job roles available and good digital marketer are in huge demand across the Industry. So the best part of it is you can join in any domain be it IT & Software, Retail, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, eCommerce, Real Estate, Government Sectors to name a few. The roles that you can ideally take up are as follows:

    • Digital Marketing Executive/ Manager,
    • SEM Manager/ Executive,
    • SEO Specialist,
    • Social Media Executive/ Manager
    • Content Marketing Executive/ Manager
    • Online Marketing Executive etc.

    Digital Marketing being the most prominent area for the growth, development and branding of any organization, there is ample scope and opportunities across industry to do your Internship. At IIAS most of the internship for DDSMM program will be held in the IT and Digital Marketing companies itself to provide the learners with real and deep insights of the real industry. During internship you will be closely working with the Digital Marketing experts and will be assigned tasks to accomplish that will help to brush up your skills and expertise, too. On completion of the internship, the students also get a certificate from the organization and sometimes get an offer for Final placements, too.


Placement Information

IIAS students have been successfully placed in various leading companies and brands or have joined their family businesses or gone on to pursue higher studies. Some of the prominent recruiters include: