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Career Services & Support

Some of the focused activities which help a student to make their career graph are one of the priorities as set by the Career Services department in IIAS.

Map Out a Career Plan – All students are assisted with the technical & the psychological thinking to understand the corporate culture as prevalent in India & abroad. During their second year of the course, apart for their regular classes, events, workshops, industry linkage & on-job training are organized to assist them groom up their profile as per the standard requirement.

Job & Internship Search Tools – All students are encouraged to explore general and industry specific job and internship resources through the links as assisted by professionals at IIAS. An effective way of creating awareness about the companies among the students in a form of company brochures, pamphlets or other published information.

Career Tools & Assessments – Career assessments are tools designed to help individuals understand how personal attributes (e.g. interests, values, skills, preferences, motivations, and strengths) impact their potential success and satisfaction with different career options and work environments.

  • Encouraging our student to work with Career Services early and often during each academic year (for resume reviews, cover letter writing, practice interviews, networking resources, employer relationships, job and internship opportunities, researching industries and professions and a variety of other things)

  • Supporting networking and relationship building

  • Asking our student about updating their resume and cover letter regularly (at a minimum, at the beginning of each academic year)

  • Encouraging our student to get involved in extracurricular activities outside the classroom, to develop leadership and other important skills

Employers are encouraged to get in touch with our Career Services cell to recruit the students from the campus. We invite recruiters in the last semester of the course approximately in December/January every year.

For more information, please contact our Student Career Services department at