From the Desk of Chairman | IIAS Education Group

Chairman’s Desk IIAS

“IIAS has three decades of experience in running professional institutions. Abhijit De Chairman of IIAS School of Management, Siliguri, West Bengal. The main body IIAS Education Group covers IIAS SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT.

At IIAS School of Management we conduct degree courses in various disciplines of Hospitality and Management.

We are committed to provide our students a solid foundation in education combined with work experience while learning. Our highly experienced team of faculty members transforms our students into competent professionals with human value.

Hospitality, Tourism & Services sectors are growing at a rapid pace. Impact of globalization on large Indian population, coupled with economic growth, is creating tremendous business and employment opportunities. At IIAS you will have benefit of building lifelong networking opportunities with our vast alumni network and your peers from various states of India and neighbouring countries.

We welcome you to IIAS to embark on your professional journey as adult.”


Abhijit De