NISP - IIAS School of Management

IIAS - NISP Policy Document


To foster an entrepreneurial mindset among the youth of the region.


  • To provide a platform to the students and faculty members, which will help them
    nurture their entrepreneurial ambitions and provide guidance to their innovative
  • To equip them with skills that will strengthen the entrepreneurship culture and benefit
    society at large.

Short term objectives

To create awareness regarding entrepreneurship and startups

To help and encourage students to come up with startup ideas and share them with the committee.

To provide the right ecosystem for youths and faculties to participate in startup activities

Organizing Webinars, Seminars, Workshops, FDPs to promote entrepreneurial culture.

Build strong relationships and network with external govt. & non-govt. organizations to support the overall ecosystem of entrepreneurship.

Long Term Objectives

Work on pre-incubation and incubation facilities in or outside the campus

Have at least one to two startups registered in a year

Improve the quality of research work


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NISP document of Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell : Click here

West Bengal Startup Policy 2016-2021 : Click here