Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Analytics | BBA in Siliguri | IIAS

Course Overview

The BBA in Business Analytics program is designed to teach students to make impactful business decisions leveraging the power of data. Students learn to integrate business management principles and interpret data analytics to take informed and innovative decisions that add value to businesses in a variety of industries.

We have industry experts as faculty allowing you to deep dive into the technical domains of data analytics and each BBA student gets the opportunity to intern on live projects from the industry.

With data playing a key role in today’s corporate world, graduates of the industry-integrated BBA in Business Analytics program at IIAS, the first of its kind in North Eastern India will be well placed to succeed in one of today’s fastest growing sectors across the world.

Course Information

AFFILIATING UNIVERSITY : Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal ELIGIBILITY : Class 10+2 pass with English
Preparation for the Industry:
  • Curriculum designed and developed by domain experts from the industry.
  • Builds a solid foundation in Analytics by covering industry standard tools and techniques. The programme assumes no prior knowledge of coding in Python, R or SQL and begins from fundamentals.
  • Gain competitive advantage by using business management fundamentals to drive innovation by integrating data insights.
  • Functional expertise in domains such as marketing, finance, business communication, human resources and more.
  • Learn to use statistical tools & techniques critical to Data Analysis, and create Analytical models using real life data to drive business impact.
Real World Experience:
  • Work on hands-on live industry projects from companies across industries during the 5th Semester and solve real-life problems using modeling, predictive analytics and quantitative techniques. Students can also get upto a year of work experience even before graduation by taking part in our unique IIAS Work-Learn Program.

Study Plan

Year 1:

Semester 1

  • Principles of Management
  • Business Economics
  • Basic Mathematics & Statistics
  • Business Communication

Semester 2

  • Inferential Statistics and Applications
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Any one from GE Basket
  • Environment & Sustainable Development

Year 2:

Semester 3

  • Business Research Methods
  • Financial Accounting & Management
  • Marketing Management & Metrics
  • Database Management System (DBMS)
  • Personality Development & Presentation Skills

Semester 4

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Corporate Law
  • Data Analysis Lab using R

Year 3:

Semester 5

  • Human Resource Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship & Design Thinking
  • E-Commerce & M-Commerce
  • Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility

Semester 6

  • Project Management
  • Big Data Analytics and Data Mining
  • Digital Media Analytics
  • Capstone Project



    Business Analytics is the science of analysing data to find out patterns that will be helpful in developing business strategies. A study in business analytics enables you to become a business professional who can use data to make sound business decisions that positively impact the company - this makes it an incredibly highly demanded profile


    If we refer to various industry studies, Business Analytics has emerged as one of the most lucrative career options in terms of salary and growth across a wide range of sectors. According to latest studies conducted by McKinsey, Coursera, Microsoft and Google there is a significant shortage of trained people in this domain.


    No, we do not require any professional computer knowledge for doing BBA (Business Analytics). The basic computer skill at secondary and higher secondary levels will be enough. This is a fundamental level course and all the basic technical skills will be imparted during the course. Students should not confuse this with a Data Science course which is more technical in nature and requires basic programming skills.

    In Business Analytics you learn about understanding and analyzing data not necessarily the technicalities of crunching data using code.


    A Business Analyst facilitates analysing data for business decisions in various fields like health care, finance, software industry – well, almost all business entities covering every gamut of activities. So, for now, and in the distant future too, Business Analyst professionals will remain in high demand.



Placement Information

BBA in Business Analytics opens up wide career prospects for students. Companies are not just looking for analysts but business people with analytical skills. Companies are looking at the future and are hiring for tomorrow’s needs. According to LinkedIn Learning, Business Analysis is one of top 10 skills companies require in 2020.

Just after the completion of the course, they can join firms like:
  • Business Analytics and Intelligence firms

    Business intelligence is key to monitoring business trends, it helps to detect significant trends and get all the recent happenings of the organizations.

  • IT firms

    An IT Business Analytic manages and facilitates technology-focused business projects with their knowledge of IT, software and business components.

  • E-Commerce firms

    As the business world shifts more profoundly to an e-commerce related buying model over the past few years, the need for a business analytics software to keep track of all business matters has grown immensely. E-Commerce businesses benefit greatly from Business Analytics software in many domains including supply chain management, fraud detection, statistics relating to the companies and its employees.

  • Telecom companies

    Telecom industry is the largest customer base business entity in the world, and also a highly dynamic and challenging industry. On top of this, telecom firms face cut-throat competition and each decision was made all the more crucial. It is therefore imperative for the firm to make decisions based on extensive data analytics to ensure the efficient and effective use of business resources.

  • Manufacturing Firms

    The Manufacturing sector is under constant pressure to increase profitability in a growingly competitive international market in which differentiation is not tied to the manufacturing process. Business analysts can help improve supply chain operations, sales and business processes.

  • Consulting Firms

    Business analysts who work in consulting firms often specialize in industry-specific domains or particular operational areas such as digital, marketing or process implementation.

Job Profiles that graduates can expect after completion of the BBA in Business Analytics course:
  • Business Analyst
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Business Process Manager
  • Management Consultant
  • Business Consultant
  • Marketing Intelligence Expert
  • Fintech Specialist
Some of the top companies hiring Business Analysts:
  • IBM
  • Amazon
  • Deloitte
  • Google
  • McKinsey
  • Oracle
  • J.P. Morgan
  • Forrester Research
  • Infosys
  • Microsoft
  • IDC
  • Cognizant