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Cake mixing


The History of cake mixing dates back to 17th century Britain. It is a typical pre-Christmas tradition. It has been a long-standing custom to mix together tonnes of dried fruits, nuts, grains, and spices; this combination is then left to soak up the flavours and aromas of various alcoholic blends and syrups for a few days. Finally, it is added to the cake mix, which is then used to produce Christmas fruit cakes.

In IIAS we have been celebrating the Cake Mixing Ceremony for the last 20 years. This year too the students decorated the auditorium with balloons and other decorative items. A Christmas tree was set up at the entrance. We started the ceremony at around 4:00 pm after the arrival of the special guests.

We are thrilled to announce that IIAS School of Management organised a Cake Mixing Ceremony in the campus on 23rd of Nov 2022. Some of the guests who attended the ceremony were: Mr Sanjeev Kumar (General Manager of Courtyard by Marriot, Siliguri) Mr Dhiren Tiwari (General Manager of Montana Vista, Siliguri) and Mr Bimal Bhushal (Proprietor of The Himalayan Restaurant, Siliguri). All the students, teachers and staff members participated in mixing the ingredients together along with the honourable guests at the event.
After the festival, the special guests were invited to our in-house restaurant for a light refreshment.


Esha Khati
Sayan Goswami
Sneha Shil
Pukar Chhetri

When & Where

Date : November, 23 2022
4.15 PM
IIAS Siliguri Campus, Dagapur